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Successful online tutoring – this is how it works!

Online tutoring has been booming in recent years. The possibility of being able to compensate gaps in knowledge comfortably from home at your own desk and to be able to talk to a tutor about the deficits in the school in front of your own PC is gradually finding more supporters.

Current challenges

However, the coronavirus crisis is now presenting students with a whole new challenge. The long absence from classes forces the students to work on the subject matter more independently and, above all, from home. In order to minimize the risk of infection, however, contact with other people should be avoided if possible

Online tutoring can help in this case. It runs like individual one-to-one tuition, but students and teachers do not sit at the same table. Instead, video telephony is carried out via an online tool and the two only sit together virtually. This has the advantage that you can give lessons from anywhere and anytime. The lessons can be carried out either as private individual lessons or as group lessons – both are technically possible.

You are also flexible in choosing your online tool. There are now numerous providers who provide tools with which digital teaching is possible. These include Skype, Google Hangout, and Zoom.

The following technical equipment is required:

Computer with fast internet and video camera

Nothing disturbs online lessons more than when the picture is constantly interrupted due to a poor internet connection and students and teachers, therefore, cannot converse without interference. A stable internet connection is therefore essential for successful teaching. The same goes for the camera that is used during class. Most laptops have a built-in camera. A camera can also already be integrated into screens belonging to an external PC. If these integrated cameras are of insufficient quality, a higher quality camera should also be used.

Headset/headphones with microphone

A headset or headphones with an integrated microphone can be helpful if you are in a noisy environment at the time of the tutoring. It can also prevent reverberation when speaking. 

Online tool for video chat (Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom)

The most important tool for successful online tutoring is a video chat, which enables teachers and students to see and speak live without being in the same room. Some of the most popular tools include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. All three tools are available in a free version and only need to be installed once. However, some of them differ in their functions

Start teaching online now

Online tutoring is mutually beneficial. As a teacher, you receive more tutoring requests – from all over Germany. Tutoring students in turn have the opportunity to get more relevant offers from the right professionals nationwide.

You don’t give online tutoring yet? Then start preparing and update your tuition offer by ticking the box next to “Online tuition only” or “Doesn’t matter”. This will help tutors looking for online lessons to find you better. 

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