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Who are the Aries really?

Mdm Aries

She is often thin and muscular, with long legs, a beautiful bearing of the head, and a pleasant smile where you can always feel a touch of humor. The hands are beautiful, adorned with baroque jewelry.

To act, move and devote yourself to a cause. To stay at home to take care of only her interior and her children would seem an aberration to her! It will often be found in the firms of financial experts, and even more so in journalism, major reportage, or medical.

How does she like?

With passion, heroism, and a sense of the absolute that frightens more than one. Love is the big business of her life and she is in danger of suffering terribly from it. When young, she is often a tease who goes from flash in the pan to flash in the pan; then, one fine day, she meets him, the only one, the only one. She does not love him, she idolizes him and, to seduce him, she will put all her weapons into battle. If we abandon her and she really loves, she will never get over it and will fight to the end.


Mr. Aries

He is a man in a hurry. The body is often thin, nervous, it exudes energy and vitality. The smile reveals a beautiful dentition, it is a predator that devours life with appetite! He will have as many enemies as friends, if not more, given the little flexibility of his interventions.

For action, creation, power. He is tempted by politics, but he is not flexible enough; he can, however, make an excellent militant, or a party leader. Very good lawyer, excellent jurist, he can succeed in business, create his own business. He could have a taste for a military career but would die of boredom in a barracks, he prefers commandos or intervention groups. He excels in the medical professions: surgeon, dentist, veterinarian.

How does he like?

Immediately, with generosity and enthusiasm. He is the specialist in love at first sight. But, if we keep him waiting, he will quickly turn his attention to another less fierce. His loves were breathtaking: quickly packed, quickly disappointed! He can get married young and … several times. He adores children to whom he communicates his love of life.

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The symbolic image of Aries

Aries is an animal with horns that symbolize power and fertility. This virile being, this herd leader, possesses undeniable qualities of leader and go-getter. Ruled by Mars, god of war, he is not afraid to fight, nor to fight for his opinions. He only lives in the moment, action, speed, haste: slowness and lukewarmness kill him!

Tradition makes him an active, extroverted, primary bilious person.

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