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The Love Life Of The Capricorn

The love life of the Capricorn

Above all, the Capricorn is characterized by its sense of duty, self-discipline, and reason. He is a hard-working worker and is determined to make a career and achieve success and prestige. He is not easily discouraged, not even by failure. “Now more than ever,” he says to himself and continues purposefully.

In love, the Capricorn is less determined. 

Although he longs for togetherness, he always has the feeling that he may be neglecting something important. That is why he has to be very sure that he is really choosing the right partner, whom he then turns into another task in his life, so to speak.

The Capricorn woman weighs a long time before she binds. In a sensible and structured manner, she does not waste her time on second-rate candidates. Choosing a partner is, so to speak, an investment for life. She wants a successful man who can offer her material security and be a potent lover.

Once the Capricorn woman’s choice has been made, she also shows her passionate side, then she can hardly be stopped. If the chosen one then supports her own career and is committed to the home and family, she will reward him with lifelong affection and loyalty.

The Capricorn man has probably come a long way professionally, but that is precisely what makes him suspicious of the opposite sex. Is she just after his money? There is also a surprising shyness. But an active and confident woman can easily lure him out of the reserve.

When the Capricorn man finds the right one, it is mostly foreverBut he also claims the role of the alpha male and wants to be in charge of the relationship. He is very much a family man, but also naturally the head of the family. Incidentally, this also applies to Capricorn women!

The Capricorn also has an emotional side – it is mostly hidden from others. 

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With the right partner, the Capricorn goes unshaken through good and bad times – overcome crises only weld them together even more with their partner. He’s not spontaneous and exuberant during sex either, but more than makes up for it with intensity, passion, and perseverance.

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