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Smart Appliances – Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Smart Appliances


Smart appliances can make life easier and more convenient, but do they make appliance repair more difficult? Since the technology is relatively new, many manufacturers are still working out problems and resolving glitches. Before you purchase a smart appliance, it’s important to understand what they have to offer and to be aware of potential pitfalls.

What is a Smart Refrigerator?

Smart refrigerators feature a touchscreen interface and ability to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi to provide a number of additional features. Smart refrigerators include internal cameras, more flexible user-controlled cooling options, and the ability for you to interact with its features using your smartphone or tablet when away from home. Some smart refrigerators can even connect with other smart devices in your home; such as speakers, smart TVs, and even your smart dishwasher or smart microwave.

  • A smart refrigerator can make grocery shopping easier.
  • Smart refrigerators are much more expensive than traditional ones, and they are more expensive to repair. 

What is a Smart Dishwasher?

A smart dishwasher is a connected smart home appliance (like a smart microwave or a smart oven) that brings enhanced features to your standard dishwasher. These features can include Wi-Fi connectivity and flexibility options such as voice controls via an enabled virtual home assistant and smartphone controls.

There are two key areas where smart dishwashers have the edge over the standard dishwasher most people are used to. First, manufacturers have added features that make dishwashers more efficient, more flexible and address common issues such as food particles redepositing on dishes. The second area where smart dishwashers have the edge is that manufacturers have included smart technology features that incorporate your dishwasher into your smart home design.

  • A smart dishwasher can help you get sparkling dishes every time. It can tell you if you need more detergent and can let you know when the cycle is done so you don’t have to get up and check. It can also help you save energy and water and notify you if the dishwasher is leaking.
  • A smart dishwasher is more expensive than a traditional one in terms of both purchase price and repair costs. You might be able to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost.

What is a Smart Washing Machine?

A smart washer and dryer is a set of laundry appliances that connect to your smart home network to improve and expand the features available for cleaning and drying your clothes. Smart washers are different from the digital washers and dryers that are common on the market today.

These appliances bring the benefits of smart home technology to your laundry room. Receive notifications when cycles finish, download new wash and dry cycles, and control your laundry machines with your smartphone or your voice.

A smart washing machine gives you more precise control over your wash than just hot or cold settings and a few wash cycle types. 

  • Smart washers and dryers can make doing laundry a breeze. You can control the cycle from anywhere in your house and be notified when a load is done. You can even figure out which time of day is the best in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Companies that make smart washers and dryers still have some bugs to work out, and updates are not always provided automatically if the appliance was not purchased recently. That means you might be on the hook for updates and repairs.






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