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Questions About Learning Mandarin Chinese

In reality, it is not. There is a common misconception that learning Chinese is difficult. This is because the language is so different from the Western / Romance languages. But Chinese has many elements that make the language incredibly logical.

Chinese grammar is much easier than in other languages ​​(just think of the German language). This language uses blocks to form sentences. If you know a word you can infer other words. In addition, it does not use tenses as we know them, and there are also no cases, ie annoying conjugating and declining are also eliminated. And the list goes on …

Once you’ve mastered the beginnings and sounds, Chinese isn’t as difficult as everyone thinks.

Can I be fluent in Chinese in one year?

Being able to speak fluently is a broad term as many people have different views and definitions of what exactly “fluently” means.

Let’s say you want to finish HSK 5 or HSK 6 in one year.

Yes, that is possible. We already had students who achieved just that.

But let me tell you, to achieve that it takes intensive learning, great commitment, time, and perseverance. You really have to want it and, above all, enjoy it.

Is it good to learn Chinese online?

It is entirely possible to achieve a good level by learning Chinese online. But learning the language on-site in China is and will remain unbeatable. Since you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture here, you simply learn better and faster.

You can opt to find a Chinese home tutor to teach you Mandarin Chinese at the comfort of your own home, just check the internet and you can find lots of tuition companies providing experienced Chinese tutors. In the meantime, you can check out the home tuition rates on their website.

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