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Food for the Brain

Children who eat sugar, bread and trans fatty acid have 5% lower IQ than those who eat meat and vegetables.

We know that sniffing lighter gas is dangerous because it burns thousands of brain cells at once. We also know that it is good to exercise and fill learning on the brain, because it gives us more opportunities in life. But now it is time we listen to the many research results that are constantly popping up in the world’s scientific journals. Articles that unanimously document how, the human brain is susceptible and vulnerable to many of the foods that we ourselves eat and give to our children. Both the young and the elderly brain are degraded to especially sugar and trans fats. Inteligen Advanced Brain Formula Focus Memory

Sweets, cakes, ice cream and soft drinks are the worst enemies of the brain, but also bread, pasta and ready-to-eat foods provide lower IQ, poor memory, slow neurological development. Therefore, look at the brain as a fungus that is made heavy, blunt and damaged by unhealthy diets, but with healthy foods and good sleep constantly twisting and being light and ready to absorb new impressions.

Coke and pizza damage children’s IQ

Several studies indicate that it is important for our intelligence, what we are fed with the first three years of our lives. In the first years of life, the brain grows the most, and is most susceptible to not only mental stimulation, but also to a lot of being stuffed with the most optimal nutritional building blocks that enable the child to absorb knowledge. . Children who often get processed, sugar and fatty foods such as. Pasta, burgers, pizza and cake, in their first three years of life, can get up to a five percent lower IQ than their peers who are presented with fish, fruits and vegetables.

Saturated fat blame for Alzheimer’s

There are many factors behind the development of Alzheimer’s. Some of them have to do with heritage, genetics and your sleep pattern. Others have scientists in recent years found out to be associated with our diet. You get more than 4 grams of saturated fat per hour, such as. can come from four-legged animals, skins from chewing animals and processed plant oils, so the amount of cholesterol in the blood is raised.

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