UK System Dynamics Society


1What is System Dynamics approach?

The System Dynamics approach is a computer based problem-solving technique that employs computer simulation and system thinking methods.System Dynamics deals with the time-dependent behaviour of managed systems with the aim of describing the system and understanding, through qualitative and quantitative models, how information feedback governs its behaviour and designing robust information feedback structures and control policies through simulation and optimisation.  

2. What is the aim of System Dynamics approach?

The essential aim of System Dynamics is to achieve in socio-economic systems the standards of controllability and dynamic behaviour which are commonplace in engineering systems. 

3. What is System Thinking?

System thinking focuses on how the things being studied interacts with the other constituents of the system – a set of elements that interact to produce behaviour – of which it is a part. Systen thinking works by expanding its view to take into account larger and larger numbers of interactions as an issue is being studied. 

4. What is Simulation?

Simulation is one of the most powerful management science/operation research tools applied to solve real complex problems. Simulation involves the consruction of a model of the problem on which one experiments and test alternative courses of action. 

5. Where I can study System Dynamics?

The field of System Dynamics can be studied around the UK at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For more information about System Dynamics locations around the UK, please visit Courses in SD and around the word, please visit International System Dynamics Society web site.