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Aries and love

BOOM! When Aries loves, his heart goes BOOM and everything with him says BOOM! Spontaneous, whole, passionate, he is similar to Racine’s Phaedra: entirely attached to the object of his desire. But if the first sign of the zodiac is made for the incandescent beginnings, it has a little more difficult to hold on to the duration …

BOOM! Rolling down at a charge, the Aries collides with a person of the opposite sex at the bend of a street… who immediately hits him in the eye! You understood it: Aries is, with his friend Aquarius, one of the best candidates for love at first sight in the whole zodiac. And even if the lightning strike is not always present, the passion and intensity of the feeling of the moment are still omnipresent in his sentimental life …

A conflagration… impressive!

Let’s put it bluntly: in love, Aries is not particularly romantic or sentimental. He doesn’t like to get lost in complicated emotional twists and turns, which he considers too “headaches” to be honest. He is not very patient either; besides, he shows no refinement, no subtlety in his approaches: when someone pleases him, he lets him know, sometimes very abruptly. He does not play, does not procrastinate, he goes for it! The followers of the chiaroscuro of the soul and the waltz-hesitation of emerging feelings – like the natives of the opposite sign of Libra, for example – are very likely to be jostled in their comfort. But beware: this is not necessarily unpleasant. Because our Aries does not lack panache or enthusiasm. He is comfortable when things move, when things pulse when there are action, twists, and turns. Feats to achieve. Princesses (or princes :-)) to seduce and dragons to defeat with the edge of the sword. And, let’s face it, it’s always flattering to start such a conflagration in a person of the opposite sex. Because Aries in love does tons to please!

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The flash in the pan syndrome?

Our friend Aries is therefore fueled in high doses by passion and desire. It’s his dope, his engine. When he has someone in mind he is a monomaniac and does everything to make him succumb. Once the goal is reached … things can get more problematic. At first, the excitement of the beginning continues to fuel its flame. He nurtures a thousand projects in common, wanting everything, immediately: installation, formalization, marriage, children! But if the relationship is not strong enough, the crush can quickly turn into flash in the pan. The Aries do not support the obstacles to their desires, the purring of the routine, the warmth of the feelings… all things inevitable once a couple arises. The temptation to go ignite elsewhere is then great. Rest assured, however: not all Aries are unrepentant unstable. The majority of them manage to create a lasting relationship by learning to spice it up with novelty and passion on a regular basis – provided their partner plays along, of course. To keep an Aries, you better love movement and challenges!

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